Services is Cape Cod’s only Dyno tuning center.

Cycle Services can tune your motorcycle to run it’s best and to maximize it’s horsepower potential whether your bike is stock or heavily modified.

Cycle Services offers a wide range of performance option to match your needs or budget

Cycle Services can provide you with a modular performance plan that allows you to build performance increases to your motorcycle that can be done over time as your budget allows.

Cycle Services’ experienced and trained technicans can guide you into a comprehensive plan that will allow you to add perfomance incrementally so you don’t end up wasting your money on parts that won’t be compatable with future upgrades.

Or if your the do it yourself kind of rider, schedule an appointment today so you can have real before and after horse power,torque and air fuel ratio data to back up your results.

Cycle Services has the latest diagnostic software to diagnose problems with most all modern motorcycles.

So if you want more horsepower, fuel economy or better drivability from your motorcycle call today to schedule an appointment ,or If your motorcycle has been elsewhere and your not getting the results you want call today we can help.