Cycle Services is the place to get your bike maintenance and accessories on the upper Cape. Competitive prices and excellent service. They are always there when needed to support a good cause as well. A principal sponsor for Big Nick’s Ride For The Fallen. Jack and Dan run a great business.

I met Jack and Dan for the first time when I brought my new V-rod to be inspected. I asked a few questions about upgrades and they were so friendly and knowledgeable that I decided to make an appointment for the work that I wanted on the spot. The bike runs and sounds so much better than stock after their dyno tuning and exhaust/intake upgrade, and the turnaround for such a busy time in the summer was amazing! They also diagnosed a few minor problems with the way the bike came from the factory (throttle and coolant level) and fixed them. After such a solid experience I won’t be going anywhere else. Great place!

Biker solidarity still means something in Cycle Services. To make a long story short; I’m from Canada and I had an accident at cape cod, 4 fractures that necessitated three surgeries. The tug sharks who pick up my bike would charge $ 35 per day to store the bike by the time I left the hospital. So my friends call home Cycle Services said to them, “Your friend is down is not going to hit it bring benefit bike here.” When I pick up my bike a few weeks later, he did not want me to pay and even offered help to mount the bike in the trailer. Jack Duffy and his team are real honest gentleman.

Long live Cycle Services

Couldn’t be more satisfied. These guys take the time to educate and discuss options with you on whatever level of expertise you have, or think you have, about the performance of your bike. Having just got back into riding, after one service experience, I know where to take my bike. Although they could serve adult beverages in the lobby!

Dan and Jack fixed the ongoing hesitation problem with my 06 Softail using their top notch equipment and training. The Dyno tune may seem a bit expensive at first but trust me it’s worth every penny! My bike runs perfectly now.. I have always wanted to customize my ride with new bars, mirrors, and a few other items and Dan took the time to present different options to me. I went with new bars which were installed and set up exactly to my riding position. It’s like riding a whole new bike! Thanks guys!

Jack Duffy and Dan Marrs make a great team for all your cycle needs. Dan is an outstanding motorcycle technician who is passionate about his work. They have a first rate shop and Dyno Tuner to fully dial in your ride! Dan unleashed the performance of my stock 2013 Road King with a Stage Two Upgrade consisting of SS 551 Gear Cams, SS Power Tune Dual Headers, SS Power Tour mufflers and a Big Sucker Air Cleaner. Dan then spent several hours with my bike on his Dyno-Tuner creating a unique Flash-tune for my newly configured fuel injected Harley. The results far exceeded my expectations. My Road King now has more useable low end power where I like to cruise than my previous ride the Triumph 2300cc Rocket! Wake up your ride with Cycle Services.

An honest shop. If there is an inexpensive way for you to do a repair they will tell you. The staff know there product and don’t care if you have a $500 beater or a $50,000 custom they treat all the customers the same.

Dan & Jack are two of the most honest guys. They have been working on my bikes for over 25 yrs. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Kick ass shop. Great guys. Helpful, patient, honest. Prices are great, service is quick and done right. I refer everyone I can to these guys and they in turn tell another. I’m better looking than both of them though….. 🙂

Both Jack and Dan have taken their time to help me with building two bikes. I love having a MC shop close by that I can go to for what I need, even when I have a question.

Dan jetted and piped out my first Honda 750 years back. It changed the sound and performance of my bike immediately in a huge way. Jack patiently helped me find the right light bar and bags I needed also. Since then they have done all my work and all my changes on my XR650L, my 1100 Sabre, and my CBR600RR at Cycle Services. They turned my 1100 Sabre into loud, fun, performance machine and I’ve had 20,000 plus miles of fun and safe riding on it. I don’t go anywhere else because I don’t need to and don’t want to. If I buy a 2013 Harley here in Afghanistan, I will trust Cycle Services with that bike too. They are riders and I trust them with my life, my hard earned money, and all my bikes. It’s an awesome shop and a fun place to stop at regularly.

Just want you to know my 2001 Yamaha Midnight Star runs like it was brand new! The apes are Pissa and the bike looks and goes like crazy! Thank you for taking the time and doing the job right, your an awesome wrench! and a good pal too! Thanks to Jack also for putting up with you! 🙂

Dan and Jack do an excellent job serving their customers. I have had a fair amount of services performed for the last 2 years at their shop and I have always been very satisfied. Recently I had a stage 1 kit installed and a Dyno tune on my 2014 Street Glide. The performance

of the bike is fantastic and it sounds awesome with a 2-1 Rinehart exhaust. Thanks guys!!!

Greetings to all you riders, timid to hardcore, dirt bikes to cruisers and everything in between. Cycle Services has been my go to shop since they opened. The work they do is top notch, the turn around time is fast and the pricing is fair. They perform all the repairs on my bike as well as all the mods. Jack and Dan continually cut me breaks as often as they can. Good guys, honest and fair.
My last encounter was a rush job I needed done the week of the 4th of July. I am traveling on my annual 1200 mile+ trip starting this afternoon.(July 9th) They were swamped I knew. Dan listened to me as I described the issue that only I was hearing and wholeheartedly listened to me and told me to bring her in. I brought my bike into the shop the next day and two hours later sent me a picture of the problem. three hours after that my bike was fixed ! Coulda said no, coulda not listened to me and instead I got the red carpet from them even with them being swamped.